Stage 2: find a place to live

Finding somewhere to live

Coming to Bermuda as expats from UK we needed a home to rent. While large companies might engage a relocation expert, we were left to work things out for ourselves.
Donna came to our rescue.
Introduced as “CBs mum” (CB, the IT guy ) she just happens to be one of the best realtors (estate agents for UK readers) in the country and she set out with gusto to find us a place.

“There’s lots on the market ” everyone said, most of which disappeared the day before we arrived. For $22K per month we could have considered renting Michael Douglas’s place …. Yes, well, did I mention its a small company, lets stick within the housing allowance!

Actually we did have choice and without knowing the country it was hard to weigh up the options:
Distance from Hamilton?
East or west end of island?
South or North shore?
Condo or stand alone?
Pool? Garden? Air con?
Traditional Bermudian or newer?

We viewed lots.
You should.
And Donna drove us slowly all round the island ( slow because the speed limit is 22mph – no kidding, and it is slow).

Tempted to divert from the topic in hand and tell you all about the strange road names, but that’s another chapter, we really do need to find a place to live, nice as it is we can’t stay in the hotel for two years!

In the end the need for a short commute won over. “On a 21 mile island how long can it be?” I hear you ask.

So we have opted for a “condo” (UK readers can interpret this as appartment/ flat/townhouse – essentially it is a home where some of the grounds and facilities are shared) about a ten minute drive into Hamilton. It is modern – the benefits of which we are just finding out as it seems that cockroaches and ants have difficulties getting in – fully air conditioned, again that’s a huge benefit when the humidity is 86% and rising – and has a fantastic view:



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