Charity and Philanthropy

“Nourishing, developing, enhancing”
That’s the meaning of philanthropy (interesting etymological history on Wikipedia)
While charity is “the voluntary giving of help to those in need” (faith, hope and love come into it somewhere, but I never did concentrate at Sundayschool)

So, today I am joining my husbands office (def: a local centre of a large organization or a set of buildings – Ok so maybe I mean the people from the office) in a charity event: decorating at a local children’s charity, The Sunshine League.

It would probably make sense to volunteer to do something that uses your skills – as my family will testify, my decorating skills are not particularly good – remember the multicolored tiles in the bathroom? the orange walls in my office? – so quite why I am doing this is a mystery.

Volunteering on the island is a huge thing

As is philanthropy

I found as soon as I had landed I was being asked what/when/how I was planning to volunteer.
My advice he would be to take your time before committing, unless it is for a one-off event such as washing rubber ducks (serious, there is a rubber duck race for the hospice and the ducks need cleaning and sorting afterwards!)
So what am I volunteering?
I have signed up to be a guide at the local National Trust, specifically for Verdmont House

Haven’t you always wanted to be one of those people entitled to sit on the corner chairs in historic houses, quietly contemplating life and people-watching, creating stories in your head about the house or the visitors, offering small chunks of information and pointing out the Elizabethan cornices, dressing up in costumes (maybe not as a cook or gardener, but definitely the lady of the house), taking the challenge to keep a party of school children interested etc.
Maybe not your thing, but I have for several years had the ambition of being a National Trust Guide so why not!

I have to do a couple of shadowing sessions and then am on my own. It is a small house, relatively speaking if compared with places like Chatsworth or Blenheim, 300 years old and structurally mostly unchanged in all that time. Built in Georgian style before even George was on the throne, it has a pleasing symmetrical design and is situated on a hill overlooking the sea where a pleasant breeze takes the ferocity out of the heat. I am looking forward to working there.

I am not exactly sure I am looking forward to today’s charity! I didn’t bring any decorating clothes out here, it’s a very hot day, and I am not sure my creativity will be appreciated, so maybe I will be chief camera and document the day photographically (watch this spot).
Anyhow, it is time to go now, the others have paintbrushes in hand ….


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