So where am I?
I have to admit it was with not great prescience that I left the island last Friday before Tropical Storm Gabrielle picked up strength, flights were already booked. Perhaps a good thing we didn’t have to either queue for limited flights, decide where to go or pay the tripling in fares that probably occur in the anticipation of a hurricane. We have travelled East, a pre-planned trip to Monte Carlo – it’s all work, honest!
But even this far away, early this morning we received our EMO text on the Bermuda cellphone (how Americanised I have become). I understand this is the first year they have used this system for island wide warnings – it works. My apps were a little later in passing on the information, but then maybe they are confused by my current location.
I understand that the storm will pass to the North West of the island, about 25 miles away and with winds about 45 knots.
I confess to being a little sad that I won’t be there, only a little.
I am relieved that we had the forethought to take our garden chairs indoors before we left. (Spent both time and too many $ on two bright blue Adirondack chairs as a treat to myself 🙂 )


Yes we took in the sun umbrella too.

I also had the forethought to use up most of the freezer contents just in case there is a power cut – all that’s left is half a tub of ice cream and some frozen peas! Which does mean we may have to eat out when we get home, what a shame.

Why Monte Carlo?
Insurance – they have a get together here each year, though this is the first year I have been. Outside the famous Casino, lined up in a fan shaped parking lot are Porsches, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Aston Martins etc. How I would love to drive up in a Smart car and park in the space between two of those!
I had expected to perhaps feel a little dwarfed by the fashion and expense here, but I notice this afternoon that most of the people wandering around don’t have glamorous high heels or pearl studded clothes, most have flat, sensible sandals and brightly colored but simple dresses – I actually feel quite comfortable. The shops are another matter, but window shopping is as free
here as anywhere.

One of my husband’s colleagues asked me which I preferred, Bermuda or Monaco – it is actually an easy choice, despite the humidity and any other gripes I may have made, Bermuda is far prettier, softer, cleaner, friendlier, and lots of other similar words. I suspect when I return there it will be the first time it truly feels like home!



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