International Rugby in Bermuda


Last night we attended the World Rugby Classic, Bermuda. I learnt one or two facts:

1. The weather has turned decidedly cold

2. I am actually not very good at photography

3. It isn’t really about rugby at all

and to illustrate point 2:


The ones in pink knee socks are the British Classic Lions who, after a good first half and a three point lead (score 3:0) lost to Argentina.

For the details (and some decent photos) look up

In a nutshell, the teams are retired international players over the age of 35 who come to enjoy a week of Bermuda’s famous hospitality and an opportunity to renew old friendships  (phrase taken from advertising pamphlet probably written by a Bermudian).

The hospitality we enjoyed was good – free bar, food, free bar.  Thank you to my husbands company for the table – I know that wasn’t free.


You might think from my pictures that I only watched one match – maybe, but one whole match more than many other people there – as I said, it isn’t necessarily about rugby, corporate entertaining props up foundations.  I really enjoyed the rugby, though the person beside me shouting or maybe screaming encouragement might have thought I was a little underwhelmed. I also discovered that I have a patriotic streak as I really really wanted the Classic Lions to win.  Somehow I sense that the reporter who wrote the Royal Gazette article on last night’s matches wanted that too as his condemnation of the Lions was muted into the phrase “slightly one dimentional”  ( )

Maybe things will look up when Johnny Wilkinson reaches 35 🙂


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