Today is my birthday. I shan’t tell you how old I am, old enough. I don’t think the weather has ever been this good on my birthday – I am sitting outside, a breeze is blowing up from the sea, the clouds look soft and are drifting ever so slowly. I can hear Kiskadees and sparrows with an occasional cockerel that is about six hours slow.

On the horizon is a container ship skirting around the island well away from the reef and closer in a small boat has just puttered across my view.

Later I am going out for lunch. It is lobster season, so maybe a lobster salad.

My husband gave me a very pretty cedar wood paperweight with a hog coin embedded in the top. It smells wonderful, like warm Christmas and juniper berries.


He also finished his model ship last night which is so wonderfully detailed. I am deciding where to display it best.


Yes I know that photo with the IT background does not do it justice, it is a temporary location. I am thinking of getting him a kit for a Bermuda Sloop for Christmas. How we transport them back home when we finish our stint out here I have yet to fathom, carefully I guess.

The weekend has crept up on us again and this week there are a host of activities going on – Nothing to do in Bermuda, useful site.

Sunday we plan to join the guided walk on Coopers Island, hopefully see some birds, maybe even a cahow. It is an endangered species and I overheard a description of them as ” they were extinct until the 1950s” which I think was meant to be “thought extinct” . You can be sure if I see one I shall tell you all.


Comments welcome

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