Advent Calendar 2

1st December

We boldly explored the western end of the island and in a place called Scaur Fort found this weather stone:



 Instructions for use: 



On the way back we also saw a somewhat hideous garden-Christmas-illuminated-ghost on someone’s front lawn, afraid I was too creased up with laughing to take a photo! It was left over from Halloween but to make it seasonal had a red santa-hat on.  



2nd December 

Husband’s office has two giant real Christmas trees, copious ribbons and pine cones and every surface has a potted poinsietta (poinsettia?) What have they used to make it smell so good? 

It needs some presents don’t you think. 

3rd December

The journey into work wouldn’t be complete without a car stopping right in front of us alongside the central yellow line to drop off a passenger, no signals of course. 

4th December: 

Since I was not needed at Verdmont today I spent time on the layout of the room guides.  Had lots of fun playing with a new software programme that extracts objects from their background and another that straightens and corrects for perspective.  So far I am best with portraits or where there is contrast against a background.  The actual process feels akin to coloring books or tracings – therapeutic. 

5th December: 

I am at The Globe today, it is a museum and small gift shop run by the National Trust and it is only my second day which probably is obvious as I enter 500 dollars on the till instead of 5 – for a fridge magnet and two postcards that’s steep even by Bermuda prices. Today’s visitors are “stocking-shopping” and none for the museum which is a shame because the Hibiscus Society have been here all morning creating amazing decorations out of shrubbery to highlight the displays.  
In the Square outside (at St George’s) a choir is practicing carols and other Christmas music, I cannot see them but have left the windows ajar so that I can hear. It is actually quite hard to feel Christmassy when it is so warm and sunny  – still T shirt weather! 
The Trustworthy Shop

6th December

Already it’s Friday, but today I have a day for myself so I am sitting with iMac looking out onto the blue sea (almost Brandeis blue but also like Bleu de France) which is calm today, no boilers visible – a boiler is due to a rock formation on the reef near the surface where it is hollowed out but has openings underwater so the waves push up inside and on the surface look like a boiling pot, they are seen off the south shore of Bermuda when it gets a little wild.  I actually went swimming in the sea earlier this week – refreshing would be the best word – no locals in the water so that should have alerted me to the fact that a wetsuit might be advisable. 
Tonight the National Trust put on festivities in St George’s with a walkabout and carol singing.  
Almost every hotel and restaurant have a Happy Hour tonight – and it appears every weekday evening this month! Tomorrow night there is the harbour boat parade in Hamilton – look back next week for pictures. 🙂 

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