Who was LF …… what the heck?.. No, scrap that.. um, airport carpet?

As I type I am not yet certain how to entitle this post – it began with a question:

Bermuda’s airport is called LF Wade International Airport, who was LF Wade? 

And after several hours I am in a position to tell you just who he was, but have been sidetracked by a website dedicated to airport carpets.  Before you go there, turn the volume down – you will see why (or hear).

As is the way when browsing, I reached this site in several random leaps including the following article in a 2011 Royal Gazette  – I had to go back to it after visiting the carpet site, because it appears that the Gazette article has not quite grasped that the website is a joke – you do think so too don’t you, or have I just taken a step further to insanity?

This is the carpet:

"You stand on me," it seems to say, "Why?"

“You stand on me,” it seems to say, “Why?” Photo from the Royal Gazette

Described on the site as.. well it won’t permit me to copy and paste so I am afraid you have to look for yourself – Bermuda by the way is just off the Eastern seaboard of North America, a little red blob on the map all by itself, not amongst the mass of red dots in the Caribbean – you have to know some geography to use this site.

And as you look at the slowly spinning earth up in the right hand corner is a very small almost imperceptible flashing point – if brave enough to press this you will see the carpet planned for the Alpha Centauri Space Station…. I somehow feel if the journalist had really looked at the website then he/she (not attributed) might have written a very different article – or maybe it is me missing the point!

So who was LF Wade? I guess that will have to wait for another article.


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