….Blowing in the wind

A fresh breeze is supposed to blow the cobwebs away, yet this morning’s trip into Hamilton suggests some odd or even stupid behaviour has blown in on yesterdays gusts:

:0  First a car overtakes us on Watlington Road West so close to the junction with Middle Road that it was in effect pushing in front of us in the queue.  :0 The next incident elicited some unusual language from my husband, as we approached a pedestrian in the road with no sidewalk/pavement not one but two motorbikes overtook us at the same time, well across the central line, darted in front of us to avoid oncoming traffic and came to a sudden slowdown as the truck in front stopped to let traffic out at the top of Tee Street – our choice was almost hit pedestrian or bike  – we did neither but only because my husband was wide awake, as was I after his exclamation.

Locals will be following our journey by now, so the next :0 will be no surprise: Happy Valley Road and one of those enormous Jeeps, apparently driven by a very short person – she could barely be seen over the steering wheel, straddling the yellow line at 40+kph determined to test her Cherokee’s bulldozing powers  – discretion pulled us into the Oleander on the left.

My journey home was fortunately more pleasant though equally strange –

  • >:0  pedestrians wearing motor cycle helmets as they walked along the street with no bike to be seen, do they know something about this wind?
  • >:0  An electronic road sign on South Road that has three phrases programmed in, together they make the sentence     South Road  ….. Pavement works …… begin March 17…..      but each is on display for 30 seconds and the usual speed of traffic at that point determines one has to pass by that spot at least 3 times in order to get the whole message, or else just stop in the middle of the road and wait (which may be what one is supposed to do, I put nothing past Bermudian logic)

So I sit down to read the paper

Third article under most popular is about a new business – HOP as in Hip Old Person  – set up to provide social functions and events for the elderly …. wait, no,  “we are targeting those born before 1964″  .… thats me…. elderly?

Instead of rejection and fast clicking to the next page I find myself adding fuel to my indignance:  they offer talks on how to look your best as you grow old from a plastic surgeon, on male pattern baldness and getting rid of mildew – I feel patronised, diminished and sadly a little bit old.   Ha! got them: an evening event between 5:30 and 8:30 on March 27th that “ends early so people don’t have to drive home in the dark” …. a quick check on time and date sunset in Bermuda on 27th March is 7:30pm. I feel as if I have won a goldfish at the fair.



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