Thinking of Bermuda

I haven’t often posted specifically about one company or website but am prompted to do so because this one is rather good. Friends have asked me how they might visit Bermuda or what they should do when here and up until now I have directed them to the standard Bermuda Tourist Authority (or whatever they are calling themselves at the time).

If you ARE thinking of Bermuda – wedding? (If you are one of my children please give me some notice so I can panic) honeymoon? conference? Or simply a wonderful holiday, then I do recommend you check out this website. The owner, JG, is locally born and bred, and clearly has lots of contacts (hoping I am not inadvertently connecting with a Bermuda protection syndicate). They use the rather distinguished phrase “destination management company” and the whole site has a rather luxurious feel to it, yet they also offer lowest prices and local contacts. More importantly there is a wealth of tourist information that beats that of the current official tourist site hands down.

However, I don’t want to loose my readers to competition – the “thinkingof…” site doesn’t have commentary or my very skilful writing, so don’t forget pinkbike for the less official stuff.

Declaration of interests:
JG said nice things about my pink Brompton:)



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