Botanical Gardens

Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre

Spring 2015.


A vegetable patch – Bermuda onions on the left.




I can identify the bee, but am not confident in naming the flower – answers on a postcard please.


Red Cardinal


Auditioning for the role of Jane?


Hole in the tree

P1120746 P1120744 P1120737 P1120735 P1120732 P1120731 P1120728 P1120727 P1120724 P1120719

The gardens are open every day and there is no charge.

They appear to have a Facebook page, but no website of their own, guess they employ gardeners and not computer geeks.  I did find the gardens listed on a US website, but am uncertain about their pictures – the gardens are just not this close to the sea.  Anyhow, definitely worth a visit.

All images from HCL with permission.

2 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens

  1. Reb Veale

    Lovely post and place. I think the ‘unidentified’ flower with bee is also a rose. I think the others are a shrimp flower, possibly a kangaroo paw, not sure of the pink and white ones, a purple hibiscus and an osteospermum. Gorgeous photos 🙂



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