Hi, I am Katie,

Yes, I have a pink Brompton


Many of you know me in Real-Life so my original plan to remain anonymous was never really going to work.  So it is about time to admit to being me.

As you might surmise, I am currently living in Bermuda, having an adventure of sorts.   I fill my time with exploring, reading and writing.

In quiet moments I am studying (well, reading – studying implies a level of devotion and effort) a course in philosophy which had me pondering just how to describe myself.  I realise I am a different me for each person that knows me and all the following apply:

female, mother, wife, getting older, doctor, teacher, sort-of-retired, writer, cuddly, docent, academic, scientist, artist, knitter, non-gardener, non-smoker, wine-drinking, gym-member, lazy, reader, housewife, GP, maybe-future-grandparent, friend, occasional-Brompton-rider, volunteer, homeowner, non-UK resident, UK-resident, physician, medical, cook, bipolar, warm-hearted, demanding, inconsistent, slightly-plump, ok-a-little-bit-fat, thinker, dreamer, practical, chocolate-eater, happy, sad, normal, quiet, loud, English, gentle, outspoken, still-18-inside, fun, strange, bookish, myopic, clumsy, pretty, swimmer, walker, open-minded, traditional, imperfect, hopeful, ……..

maybe it is easier to say: I am just Katie 🙂

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1 thought on “About

  1. Becky Kent

    Hi Katie

    Love the blog.

    I work for a UK-based TV production company called October Films. I’m looking to speak to British ex-pats about their experiences, as initial research for a potential documentary.

    I would be very grateful for the chance to speak to you, if possible. Is there any chance you could drop me an email? becky dot kent at octoberfilms dot co dot uk.

    Many thanks,
    Becky Kent
    Assistant Producer
    October Films (London)



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