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Advent calendar 3


We had a family visitor this week, and this is what I learnt to make.
Bermuda National Trust held a workshop on a very rainy Thursday morning on folding paper stars and as it continued to rain all day we took over the dining table with Christmas-themed creations, some better than others! The last time I did that must have been around 20 years ago.

The weather here in December has been changeable – Monday and Saturday was warm enough to swim in the sea ( and we did), yesterday was windy and stormy but Friday we had a picnic on a beach in the sun. Today in the space of 30 minutes my view transformed:




Bermuda advent seems to be a thorough mix of British and American cultures – real trees are popular despite the problems with importing them, candy canes and bows form the decorative mainstay; seasonal carols have a Caribbean flavour and tempo and the Bermudian pipe band (bagpipes) has performed in places all across the island; inflatable trees, Santa and random Disney characters sit alongside each other in shop windows and at the airport; and of course people decorate their houses with an excess of lights here as much as they do at home.

On Monday we took a tour of Sessions House, the equivalent of House of Commons but much smaller. There is a two-party system and the processes of government run broadly along English lines. This was followed by a Skirling ceremony at Fort Hamilton:


We stayed on after that for a cookery demonstration on how to make Fish Chowder – that will have to wait for another post – we were given a whole bowlful each, truly delicious.


Tuesday was snorkelling at Tobacco Bay


Wednesday we visited Crystal Caves


Thursday – craft day


Friday: St George’s, shopping, more craft, collect husband from airport and take-out for tea ……Texas barbecue pork ribs are really tasty!