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Gibb’s Lighthouse


The hiking guide informed “it affords a panoramic view of the archipelago”
So off we set….
Maybe it was a mistake to park the car at, and hence begin the walk from the lighthouse itself – I needed a reminder that lighthouses are usually placed on a hill and if we started there then we had to end there – uphill all the way back!

But we are not totally daft and we had delayed the walk until early evening, hopefully cooler (a tiny bit) and, given it was the first walk for an embarrassingly long time, we chose the short circuit of 3km. Yes, it sounds very short but at 26C and 86% humidity, trust me its long enough.

There seems to be just one hiking book for Bermuda, that by Cecile Davidson, a local, published locally and available almost everywhere. Of the 20 walks, this was no 5, classed as moderate. Those who know me will already realize I am not the fittest person around, but I can walk comfortably about 6 miles in UK, unless it’s raining and I have a small paddy in the hope of reducing it to “round the block”. Here I need to recalibrate myself – humidity is harder than rain, ignoring for now the similarities, and the views worth stopping to appreciate occur every three steps. So the “moderate” “short circuit” walk was more than enough for a Saturday evening in June and there were a few moments when I wondered if we had been rather optimistic.


What did we see?
Part of the Railway Trail, St Anne’s Church from 1716, Church Bay, Tribe Road Nos 2 and 3 …
Oleander, Prickly Pear, Hibiscus, butterflies and lizards, a female bluebird, ….
Makes a change from the usual muddy field with cows!

You have to laugh a little at the “Queen’s View Plaque” where reportedly in 1953 on a state visit the Queen (Elizabeth II) stopped to take a look. I suspect she might have stopped more to get her breath after climbing Gibb’s Hill, but it doesn’t have the same ring about it “Breathless Point”

Would I recommend the walk – I enjoyed it and the views across Little Sound to Great Sound and of Dockyard and Hamilton are definitely camera-worthy. But it rather depends on if you are here for a week or a year – there are more amazing things to do if only a week, but if here longer and you find a quiet cool evening then yes it is worth the time.