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Today feels like a lovely day.
On the way into Hamilton, taking my husband to work – it’s just like the school run only with an adult passenger, who isn’t too appreciative of me pretending to be in a spacecraft – a car stopped for us to let us out of our road. Maybe a very small thing to do, but it started the day off in a pleasant mood.

I dropped into Lindo’s, the supermarket, on the way back and the lady at the till was humming. She handed me my receipt with
“Have a nice day Miss X…(she used my actual name – it must pop up on the till, since you swipe the card yourself)
The packing lady (oh so civilized having someone to pack your bags) seeing I had forgotten to bring my own bags offered
“Would you like to borrow a used bag?”
They give you a reusable bag, trusting that you will return it for someone else to use when you go back next time.

“The Lord has chosen to give us another lovely day, so you enjoy it now! ” They both smiled. It is impossible not to smile back.

The till lady continued humming.

Bermudians are so very friendly.